What You Need To Know About Buying A Home With A Septic Tank

When you buy real estate in a more remote location, it often comes with the very real challenge of figuring out how to deal with sewage. Many of these homes will already have a septic tank system in place. If you have never owned a home with a septic tank before, it's important to be aware of what that entails.

You Will Have to Do Maintenance

Septic tanks don't take care of themselves as well as a municipal sewage system does. One of the big maintenance tasks is regular septic tank pumping to clear out some of the solids that form in your tank. That happens often once a year for an average family. But the frequency of septic tank pumping could go up if you have a lot of people in the house.

You Will Have to Be Careful with Plumbing

Septic tanks require an efficient plumbing system to be effective. The rules about using your garbage disposal sparingly (or not at all) are important when you have a septic tank to take care of. Water usage becomes something to watch even more closely; you will need to spread out water usage so that the tank does not overflow. Plumbing issues become an emergency more quickly, because when a plumbing fixture is leaking, it could also cause a septic tank to overflow. These are just things to get used to, and you may eventually find that you prefer to run a tight ship anyway when it comes to water misuse and plumbing maintenance. So get in touch with a good plumber from the beginning, should you run into any plumbing troubles. 

Property Maintenance and Water Testing Become Important

For a septic tank to work well, it requires its own space far enough away from your water supply. Some effort goes into keeping drain fields clean and cleaning up after a storm. You may also need to include water testing in your routine. If there is a problem with your waste management system, bacteria could enter the groundwater supply. So, if you can regularly test your water supply for signs of bacteria or viruses, that is a great idea to protect your own health.

Overall, owning a septic tank doesn't have to be a huge deal. You can get your septic tank maintenance team to deal with most of the issues of scheduling and completing maintenance. But it is important to be aware of those extra expenses that come with septic maintenance when you are looking at real estate that includes septic systems.

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