3 Important Reasons Why Portable Toilets Are Necessary to Renovation and Remodeling

Are you planning a home renovation project this summer? Are you making a list to ensure that you have everything ready for the project to go forward? Although you may have almost everything planned and ready, there is one thing that you may have forgotten about. The thing that you may not have considered before, but that you should, is what the workers are going to do when they need to use the toilet. While you could simply let them use your home's bathroom, that's not really the best idea. Instead, you should seriously consider renting at least one portable toilet for the duration of the renovation. 

Less mess: Home renovation is a dirty, messy business. The workers are likely to get covered in dirt, paint, and all sorts of substances that you probably don't want to have to clean out of your bathroom. Even if you're planning to redo your bathroom, you probably still don't want to have to deal with the additional mess caused by the construction; portable toilets solve this issue. Instead of having to leave dirty footprints through the clean sections of your home, the workers can use the portable toilets that have been set up outside and that you don't have to worry about cleaning.

More productivity: Instead of allowing workers to use the existing toilet in the home, some homeowners insist that the workers use the facilities available at the nearest fast food joint or gas station. While this may be fine as a temporary measure that lasts for a day or two, it's not good in the long run. Each bathroom run could wind up taking half an hour or more, once traffic has been taken into effect. If each worker needs to go an average of twice per day, that's an hour's worth of work lost for each day of construction. Portable toilets can be used quickly, allowing the worker to get back to his or her job much more quickly.

Better hygiene:  Construction work can be hot and result in workers downing a variety of drinks in an attempt to stay cool and hydrated. Unfortunately, this can result in a situation where the worker simply cannot wait a 10 or 15 minute drive to the nearest available restroom. They may then find a secluded corner of your yard to use as a urinal. Obviously, you do not want human urine to contaminate your property. Portable toilets will give the workers somewhere to go without anyone having to resort to such measures.

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