Signs That Your Water Isn't Safe To Drink

Having your water tested is the best way to know if it is safe to drink. It is also a good idea to know the warning signs that your water may not be safe to drink so that you can avoid unsafe drinking water when you discover it.

Unpleasant Odors

If your drinking water has an oil or gas odor, this is a sign that it may be contaminated by gas or semi-volatile compounds. This can indicate that your water is very unsafe to drink, especially if you are pregnant. Another odor to be concerned about is an odor that is similar to bleach or chlorine. While chlorine is used to treat drinking water, a strong chlorine odor may indicate that there is too much chlorine. Consuming too much chlorine can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

A Distinct Chemical Taste

A sharp chemical taste is often the result of pesticides entering the drinking water. Pesticides can cause cancer and birth defects. Therefore, it is important to make sure that any water that has an unusual taste is safe to drink.

A Green Hue

Never drink water that is green. This can indicate that the water has algae and bacteria that can cause various health problems when consumed. Not only should the water not be consumed, but you should not swim in it. Even pets should not jump in green water because pets have been known to die from exposure to water contaminated by bacteria. 

Visible Physical Contaminants 

The water should not have physical contaminants. For instance, the water should not have objects floating in it that are visible. Even small particles can be contaminated. The only exception is with water filters that sometimes cause harmless black particles to form in the water. 

The water should not be cloudy. This is a sign that there might be bacteria lurking. This is especially a problem if there might be soil suspended in the water because soil can contain contaminants, such as pesticides. 

The Water Safety Report

For your tap water, the water company is required to supply you with a consumer confidence report. This is an annual report that details the quality of the water and alerts you if there are any health risks that the water poses. But even if your tap water does not pose any risks, it is recommended that you use a water purification system simply to be sure. Check out sites like RATCHFORDQUALITYWATER.COM for more information.