Commode Choices: Three New Features To Pick For Your New Toilet

While a brand new toilet may not sound as exciting as other housewares, a new toilet can be a good addition to your home. If your old toilet is giving you plumbing troubles or if the toilet itself is showing too many signs of wear, it is time to get a new commode in your bathroom. Before you select a new porcelain throne, there are some features that you should consider that do not come standard. Here are three features that you should pick for your new toilet. 

Button flush

One of the reasons why you may find yourself calling for plumbing repair with standard toilets is the ball joint mechanism becoming degraded. This typically happens with flush handles, especially if the metal rusts or if the rubber joint breaks. To stop this kind of toilet trouble, install a toilet that has a push button to flush. This button can be on the back of the toilet itself or it can be installed above the toilet. This type of system will be much more stable and cause fewer issues with flushing. 

Choose your flow

Toilets that are low flow do not work in all situations. Regular toilet flows can sometimes be too much. One feature that you should consider for your toilet is a choose the amount of flow that you need while flushing. This will provide, low, easy flushes for liquids only and a higher flow for any solid waste. Being able to select the flow will help prevent your toilet from overflowing and provide the power necessary to get everything through your pipes. Talk to your plumbing repair specialist during installation to make sure that you have the right pipes and plumbing in your septic system before you install your brand new toilet. 

Bidet feature 

One of the reasons why many septic systems become clogged is the toilet paper. Children and adults can sometimes flush too much paper down the toilet at one time. In a pinch, some people will even use napkin paper, which will cause septic issues due to its heft. A bidet feature on the toilet will allow anyone using the toilet to clean themselves without the need for flushing many squares of toilet paper. Your family members can choose to dry themselves with paper and dispose of it in the toilet or select the air dry option on the bidet in order to keep the septic system healthy. 

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