Are You Hosting An Outdoor Company Cook-Off? 3 Tips For Planning An Event Your Crew Will Remember

This year, you want to do something better than the usual picnic, and your plan to host a company cook-off is just what everyone needs to bond as a team. Not only will your crew love a little healthy competition, but you also can't wait to see what amazing recipes everyone brings to the table. As you get ready to send out the invites, follow these tips to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

1. Choose the Right Location

Outdoor venues range from local parks to sprawling event spaces that take up multiple acres. Start by selecting a location that is big enough to fit everyone on the guest list. Remember that you will need enough room for the cooking equipment such as grills along with space to set up the portable toilets and tables. Once you have the ideal location, lock it down by making reservations if they are available so that there are no surprises on the big day.

2. Plan Additional Activities

While your contestants are cooking, you want to keep everyone else occupied until it is time to chow down. Plan activities that stick to the food theme such as egg tosses and spoon races. Then, make sure to bring along some classic outdoor gear such as flying discs and footballs to keep the interaction level high throughout the event. Then, create some seating areas where your group can rest and chat between activities. If you plan to do side competitions, then throw in some prizes that heighten the excitement such as promotional items with your brand on them or kitchen supplies. 

3. Keep Hygiene In Mind

When you host any outdoor event, it is often necessary to arrange for portable toilets to be set up so that everyone is comfortable. However, a cook-off requires a few additional hygiene precautions since basic sanitation practices such as hand washing should never be skipped with food prep. Check into toilet trailer rental companies like Gotta Go Site Service Rentals that provide both toilets and sinks in one handy spot so that your crew has access to hand washing stations.

Whether your team loves chili or they want to add an international flair to the event, you can look forward to sampling a few delicious flavors while the group has a chance to strengthen their team mindset. From choosing the ideal venue to making sure that your cooks can wash their hands, your upcoming company cook-off is bound to be a hit.