Removing Your Old Septic System From Your Yard

If you are still using a septic system and the opportunity to switch to city sewer arises, you may want to make the change. The city system will mean a sewer bill every month, but if your septic system is failing or has needed a lot of attention recently, the cost may not be much more than the cost of the upkeep for your septic system.

When The Tank Fails

If the septic system has been in place for years on your property, you may start to have trouble with it. Typically, the tank is the problem area and there comes a time when the cost of maintaining it is climbing year after year. You could replace the tank, but in a lot of cases, the systems were installed because there was no sewer access. If that is still the case, then you don't have a lot of choices but if the city has sewer lines running past your home, connecting to them might be a better solution for you. 

Disconnecting And Removing The Tank

Once you are disconnected from the septic system, you may want to pull the old tank out of the ground. While it is not a requirement, it is a good practice. You will need to have the tank pumped out, leaving behind an empty tank that is already damaged. Over time that tank could collapse and cause someone to get hurt in the process.  At this point in the project, the area around the tank is most likely partially excavated so that the contractor that is moving the pipes could get to them. Removing the remaining soil from around the tank and pulling it out is going to add work but it might just be worth the time and expense to ensure there are no problems in the future. You don't have to remove the leach field, but you could take the time to do that too if you wanted to.

Landscaping and Reconstructing The Property

When you did up the yard to get that tank out, dig trenches for the new sewer lines, and generally tear up the property with heavy equipment, it can look terrible. You will need to bring in some soil or fill to backfill the hole where the tank was so well your at it, why not take some time and design a new landscape for your yard? This is a good time to make it look the way you want it, and while it is going to add to cost to the project, it can also add to the property value if you decide to sell your home in the future. And since there is no longer a need to get a truck in the yard to pump out that old septic system, you can pretty much add anything you want to the yard and turn it into your own oasis.

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