Tips For Having Your Septic Tank Pumped For The First Time

A septic tank can usually go a few years between pumpings so if you've not lived in your house for long, you may not know what to expect when it's time to clean out the tank. Septic tank pumping is a job for professionals so there's no work required by you except to make sure the tank is cleaned out on schedule. Here are some tips for the process.

Locate A Buried Lid

If your septic tank lid has risers on it that mark its location, then you might save a little money on the cost of having your tank cleaned out. One problem associated with pumping out a septic tank is finding where the tank is located under the ground. Once it's found, it may be necessary to dig down a few feet to get to the lid. The service company may require extra payment for the time and labor involved for this extra step. If you don't know where the tank lid is now, then once it's located, have risers installed or draw a detailed map of its location so you don't have to go through this step every few years.

Clear A Path In Your Yard

While a big pumper truck is needed for the job, the truck can probably stay on the street so your yard is spared. The process uses a long hose that's dropped into the septic tank and snakes through your yard to the truck on the street. One thing you'll want to know is how far away your tank is from the street and if the area involves any hills or elevations the hose has to cross. In certain situations, a smaller truck might have to drive onto your property, and knowing this helps you avoid planting anything in the path the truck may need to take in the coming years.

Schedule An Inspection And Cleaning Together

When you schedule a pumper truck, ask about having the system inspected at the same time. When the lid is off, it's a good time to check the baffles and the baffle filters. If they're getting clogged, these should be cleaned so your system will work well until time to be pumped again. When the tank has been cleaned out and freed from clogs, you shouldn't have to worry about any problems as long as you maintain the system carefully by not flushing trash down the toilet or drains.

Pumping out a septic tank is a matter of stirring up the sludge on the bottom so it can be vacuumed out. The price you pay depends on the size of the tank and the tank's condition. Once you've been through the process once, you'll know what to expect and you'll see it's a routine procedure that doesn't take long and won't require help from you. Contact a service, like Sound Septic Pumping and Services, Inc, for more help.