A Solar-Powered Toilet Unit Is Right For You

Whether you're planning an outdoor festival, or you need to set up bathroom facilities for a large construction site, a solar-powered toilet rental is a great option. Solar-powered systems are equipped with attached solar panels that capture and store energy from the sun's UV rays and then convert the energy into fuel to operate the toilet unit. If you're unfamiliar with this portable toilet option, learn about some benefits these units can extend.

Flexible Availability

With a solar-powered toilet unit, you erase many of the barriers that come along with providing toilet facilities in an outdoor environment. These solar units are self-sufficient, which means they don't have to rely on many of the modern amenities, in order to operate. For this reason, it does not matter where you need to set up a portable unit, as long as you have space for the unit, you can have bathroom facilities on site. 

Reduced Costs Control

If you have relied on an electric-powered portable toilet unit in the past, an upgrade to a solar-powered unit can mean reduced operating costs. When you hook up the electrical circuit of a portable unit to your building's power, you will ultimately incur the additional electricity consumption, and therefore, the cost. Solar-powered units rely on the sun for their power, so the extra energy consumption costs are not transferred to you. 

Around-the-Clock Availability

If you have a standard portable toilet rental unit, using the unit after the sun goes down can become a bit of a challenge, as these units don't have any lights inside them. However, solar-powered units are often lined with lights to ensure that patrons who use the unit can see inside the unit without any concern. Not only do the lights provide more use, but they make using the portable unit safer. 

More Hygienic

A solar-powered unit can give you the benefit of a more hygienic bathroom facility. Since these units have a power source, they can also be designed with a handwashing station. So, instead, of relying solely on hand sanitizer or another option, patrons who use the toilet facilities can actually wash their hands. If you're thinking about something like a construction site, where the crew works in close quarters, a handwashing station is a great way to prevent the spread of germs. 

If a solar-powered unit is right for your business, contact a toilet rental service for assistance with setting up a system for your site.