Septic Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Scheduled Pumping And Strain On Your System

If your septic system frequently needs pumping and maintenance, it is important to know a few things to reduce strain on the system. Some of the things that you can do include reducing excess water consumption and watching what you flush down drains. The following septic tank maintenance tips will help reduce scheduled pumping needs and strain on your system:

Avoid The Excessive Water Use Problems That Cause Strain on Tanks and Can Damage Septic Systems

One of the main causes of problems with septic systems is excess water use. The excess water from appliances or heavy water use can cause the tank to become overburdened. This can lead to the solids from the tank getting into inlets and outlets or blocking drain field lines and causing serious damage to the system. Try not to use excessive amounts of water in short periods of time to avoid these problems. You may also want to consider greywater recycling solutions to reduce stress on the tank from water that comes from household appliances.

Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy by Watching What Goes in Toilets or Down the Drains That Can Cause Problems

The materials and chemicals that go down drains and toilets can cause problems with the health of your septic system. If you flush products down the toilet that are not designed for the septic system, the bacteria in the tank will not break them down, and the tank will quickly fill with solids. In addition, chemicals like harsh commercial cleaning products kill bacteria and can cause the tank to become full of solids and need maintenance sooner than the scheduled pumping that needs to be done.

Schedule Pumping and Septic Tank Maintenance When Needed to Prevent Problems from Developing

One of the most important things that need to be done for your tank is to have it pumped regularly, which is usually every few years for most systems. When you have the tank pumped, talk to the septic tank maintenance service about doing a complete inspection of your system to find problems and fix them before they cause costly damage to your septic system.

Watch for Problems with Septic Tanks and Drain Fields Outside to Catch Problems Before They Get Worse

Sometimes, the problems with your septic system can be seen outside before it causes problems with household plumbing. Look for problems with your tank like water puddling due to inlet and outlet pipes. It can be a good idea to invest in an alarm for the tank to alert you when it needs maintenance. In addition, look for oddly green patches of vegetation near the tank and drain field areas, which can be a sign of problems with your system.

These are some septic system maintenance tips that will help prevent constant pumping and maintenance needs that can become expensive. If you need help with maintaining your septic system, contact a septic tank maintenance service for help with pumping and inspecting your system for any problems that need to be addressed.