The Use Of A Jet-Vac To Eliminate A Blockage

If your septic system was recently pumped out and you weren't experiencing problems for a couple of weeks, it can be troubling to discover that water is seeping into your bathtub, whenever you flush the commode. If there is the possibility of a lot of paper and waste being flushed at some point, a blockage may be present, and this will require the use of a jet-vac.

How Does A Jet-Vac Work?

A septic service technician does more than install septic systems and empty tanks. They are also responsible for maintaining and repairing existing systems. You do not need to worry about your yard being dug up, in order to find the source of the problem. A technician can often dig a small trench, which will provide them with access to the sewer system.

If the blockage isn't apparent near the opening of the sewer line, a small camera will be fed into the sewer system that will record footage of the interior line, allowing the technician to pinpoint where the blockage is located and the severity of the problem.

On the septic tank truck, there are connections, which will allow a technican to attach various suction devices and tubes. A jet-vac is an essential item that will flush water into the line, using a pressure method. The pressurized water will loosen the material that is blocking your system, allowing water to drain properly and each of your toilets to flush efficiently.

Will The Procedure Take Long Or Cost A Lot?

The administration of a jet-vac is a standard procedure that septic service technicians conduct routinely, in both commercial and residential settings. Using the jet-vac will not usually take very long, and the blockage can often be removed in much less time than it would take to empty a septic tank.

If you have forged a relationship with a particular business owner and this is the same person who handles all of your septic tank needs, ask them for a brochure, which lists the price of removing a blockage. The technician may charge an hourly rate or they may have a set rate, which will include the hookup of the vac and the digging of the trench to obtain access to the sewer line. Once the blockage has been eliminated, clean any item in your house that contains a drain, since dirty sludge may have entered a sink or the tub.