Pumping Solid Waste From Your Septic Tank

A modern septic tank system can be an essential and extremely reliable part of your house's plumbing system. In order to keep these units working correctly, you will need to have them pumped regularly so that solid materials will not fill the tank and clog it.

How Long Will It Take The Septic Tank To Fill With Solid Materials?

Failing to keep the septic tank pumped can allow it to fill with solid materials that will greatly impair its performance. However, the exact frequency that your home will need to have this tank pumped will depend largely on the amount of wastewater that the house is generating. Generally, a good rule for most homes will be to have the septic tank pumped at least once every few years. Following this schedule will also minimize the need for you to check the fill level of the septic tank, which can be relatively challenging depending on its design. If you have only recently moved into a home and are unsure as to when this work was done, it will be advisable to schedule a septic pumping contractor fairly soon as that you can accurately track this essential type of home maintenance.

What Happens To The Materials That Are Pumped From The Septic Tank?

The waste that is removed from the septic tank will need to be disposed of through special means due to the hazardous nature of this waste. As a result, a septic tank pumping service will need to take the waste that is removed from the system to a processing facility. This will allow the waste to be properly treated. In fact, this transportation of the waste to a treatment facility can be more than worth the costs of hiring a septic pumping service.

How Much Of A Disruption Will Septic Tank Pumpings Create For A Home?

Any type of septic tank maintenance can involve some disruption for the home as you will be unable to use the plumbing system as this work is being done. Luckily, the entire process of pumping a septic tank will be an extremely short process. This can allow you to limit the amount of time that your home will have to be without a working plumbing system. During this work, some odors may also be released into the air surrounding the septic tank. However, these odors should have minimal impact on life in the home as they will not travel through the plumbing lines and into the interior of the house.

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