3 Portable Toilet Rental Tips To Keep In Mind

Portable toilets always come in handy when you have an outdoor event, such as weddings or parties. They help avoid congestion in the regular restrooms when you have guests. These toilets are convenient, easy to use, cost-effective, and hygienic, and they use less water. However, you need to rent the right one for a better experience. The following are three portable toilet rental tips to keep in mind.

1. Get Enough Units

Renting fewer portable toilets can make your event stressful for guests, and they may be forced to leave earlier. Therefore, you might need to get the correct number of units. First, you need to know the number of people who will attend the event to calculate rightly. It is advisable to have at least one unit for every fifty guests you have invited to your event. You can also add a few to cater to the needs of more visitors who may not be formally invited.

The duration of your event is also an important factor when choosing toilet rentals. If it is longer, perhaps more than four hours, you need more units. For instance, an event that will last eight hours will need more units than a four-hour event, with all conditions kept constant.

Moreover, the right number of toilets to rent will depend on the menu. If you serve meals or drinks, you might need to get more units. It is vital to work closely with experts from the portable toilet rental service to avoid miscalculations.

2. Choose the Right Type

Portable toilet rental comes in different designs, with the common ones being trailers and freestanding units. The right type will depend on your preference, the event's duration, the number of users, and the costs. If your event lasts for a couple of days, you should consider trailers with water and waste-holding tanks. The professionals from the rental company will explain to you the features of toilet options available.

3. Consider Additional Facilities

It is essential to consider additional facilities to give your guests a memorable experience. This includes hand-washing and baby-changing stations. Some portable toilet packages include a hand-washing sink connected to a water tank, while others require you to rent the station separately.

You might also get a few units with handicapped access for guests with special needs. Other amenities to consider are a restroom basket, sanitizer stands, AC, and heaters.

Portable toilet rental services can make your event more successful. It is essential to consider the factors above to rent the most suitable toilet.