Important Septic Pumping Facts You Should Know

Owning a home with a septic system means providing extra care and attention to your home's plumbing system, including the drain field and the septic tank. For homeowners who aren't accustomed to septic system management, you may find yourself with more questions than answers when you first move in. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand about septic system pumping.

How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Pumped?

One of the first things that most homeowners ask when they get a home with a septic tank is how frequently they need to have the tank itself pumped. After all, if you don't pump the tank often enough, you might risk having the tank overflow or back up into the drains in your house. 

The best thing that you can do is to have the tank pumped every couple of years. In most cases, your septic tank pumping contractor will recommend that you have your tank pumped at least every five years, but more often is always better.

How Can I Extend My Septic Tank's Life?

In most cases, septic tanks can be expected to last for a couple of decades. In most situations, you'll find that the septic tank will last longer and stay in better condition if you have it pumped more frequently. The more often you have your septic tank pumped, the less accumulation and wear it will suffer. 

That's why some homeowners opt to have their septic tanks pumped every other year regardless of whether it needs it or not. Pumping your septic tank frequently helps to prevent serious accumulation of waste that can be damaging to the tank and that may shorten its lifespan.

Are There Any Special Considerations For Septic Tank Pumping?

You might wonder if there's anything else that you should consider when it comes to pumping your septic tank. One thing that many homeowners don't think about is that WHEN you pump your septic tank is almost as important as how often you do it.

If you'll be having your septic tank pumped this year, make sure that you schedule it by the middle of fall. Trying to pump your septic tank in the winter can prove problematic if the contents of the tank freeze.

These are just a few of the things that you should understand about your septic system. The more you know about septic tank pumping facts, the easier it is for you to maintain your home's septic system properly.