Questions To Ask When Renting Portable Toilets

Portable toilet rentals can come in handy when hosting parties in your home. Besides, you can use them if your washrooms are out of order or have an ongoing construction project. Whatever the case, you must ask the right questions to help you select the best portable toilet renting company. Here are the crucial questions you should ask.

What Services Are in the Package?

Every portable toilet renting company is different. As such, you'll want to know what you are getting for a certain price. Some companies have various services included in their packages. As such, it's good to ask so that you decide which company has the best services. You can pay a little more to get extra services that will keep your guests comfortable. And for your peace of mind, always settle for a company that provides cleaning and dumping services.

Are They Available Round the Clock?

If you're hosting a large party or event that will run throughout the night, you'll need to have the company on standby in case of emergencies. So many things can go wrong, and you'll need them sorted out pretty fast to avoid inconveniencing your guests. That's why you should ask if the company is available 24/7. If yes, you can be at peace knowing they'll quickly respond when emergencies arise.

Is the Company Based Locally?

Working with a company that operates round the clock should give you much-needed relief. However, you still have to ensure the company you are dealing with is from your locality. Local companies are easy to work with because they'll make deliveries pretty fast. At least you'll never have to wait for hours to have extra services delivered. 

How Often are the Portable Toilets Cleaned?

Assuming you have organized an event that will run for an entire weekend, you'll have to ensure the portable toilets are always clean. And since you'll have guests throughout the weekend, it's crucial to have the toilets cleaned regularly. That said, you should clarify the issue with the portable toilet rental company. Ask them to maintain the restrooms throughout the period, so the guests remain comfortable.

How Many Units Are Enough?

If it's your first time hosting a family party or a large event, you might have no idea how many units you should rent. Therefore, it's wise to consult with the company on how many toilet rentals you need. These pros will help you figure it out based on the information you provide. At least you won't have to fret about renting a few or too many units.

For more information, contact a portable toilet rental service near you.