Is It Time To Pump Your Wastewater Reservoir? 3 Key Indicators

Most people think about general cleaning, washing their windows, mowing the lawn, and caring for the roof when you talk about maintenance. However, many other activities should be part of your home maintenance process. For example, cleaning your septic tank is one of the simple and effective ways to keep the drainage system working and minimize plumbing inconveniences. Here are four ways to tell that your tank might need pumping.

Repeated Blockages and Slow-moving Drains

A slow-moving drain is usually the first sign that you should do something about your septic system. You should note that the drainage system takes water from the bathroom and laundry room down the sewer lines to the reservoir. Here, the solids separate from liquids, and the liquid drains onto a field. However, when the solids accumulate, they create a sludge that keeps rising inside the tank. With time and failure to remove such a buildup, water might start backing up into your home, leading to plumbing complications. Hence, tank cleaners will begin the process by pumping the sludge. They will then clean the filter and empty the tank contents to restore the system's functionality.

It Has Been a While Since You Cleaned

You might also need to clean your tank if it has been a long time since you cleaned it. Typically, the number of people in your home and the size of the septic determine how fast the reservoir fills up. However, watch out for the common signs that it is time to repair the tank. In this case, a maintenance expert can assess the system and give you a workable estimate of how long it should take you to clean the reservoir. They will also recommend other ways of keeping the tank in working order to minimize the need to clean it. For example, they will give you a list of items that shouldn't end up down your drains, such as baby wipes and feminine products. 

Your Home Has Odd Smells

Your home should smell clean and fresh when all the systems are working as they should. That said, when you have a problem within the septic system, the drainage and sewer pipes might release smelly gases back into the house. In most cases, the smell might be unbearable and sometimes even toxic. Hence, you should organize cleaning as soon as the system starts giving off these foul smells. More importantly, it is essential to note that these smells might indicate the presence of poisonous gases like hydrogen sulfide in the home, which is toxic.

You can call septic tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance professionals if you suspect that it might be time to clean your tank. With their help, you can remove the sludge and other dirt from the system and restore overall system functionality.