3 Important Questions To Guide You When Planning To Clean Your Septic Tank

A septic tank is a significant investment, so you should invest in proper maintenance to make it more reliable, functional, and durable. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't prioritize septic tank cleaning or even find it a pleasant topic. In most cases, the wastewater flushed down the toilet ends up in the septic tank. Unfortunately, some of the prohibited substances or items could also find their way into the tank and cause a lot of damage. And since you want the tank to be efficient for many years, you should ensure it is routinely cleaned. But as you plan to clean your septic tank, it's vital to ask yourself these three questions.

Why Should the Tank Be Cleaned?

Most people don't clean their tanks as recommended because they don't consider it a necessary maintenance practice. Most of them just think about the tank when it's full or when they experience serious drainage issues. Typically, all the wastewater and other waste find their way into the tank. This waste is then carried to the drain field. Unfortunately, the waste sometimes sinks or settles at the bottom and accumulates with time. However, cleaning the tank routinely helps avoid this problem because the tank doesn't get full, causing the waste to overflow.

Can You Apply a DIY Approach?

Almost every homeowner thinks they can handle every home maintenance practice themselves, provided they get tutorials online to guide them. Nonetheless, cleaning the tank yourself is a bad idea because the process is arduous, risky, and challenging. An expert should help you clean the tank because a DIY route could lead to more problems. For this reason, hire one because they will clean it properly and dispose of waste appropriately without causing damage. Experts have the right tools for the job and can even give some profound maintenance tips on how you could keep your septic tank in perfect shape.

How Do You Know When the Tank Should Be Cleaned?

Your septic system or tank should be routinely cleaned to avoid drainage problems. Sadly, you may not sometimes know when it's the right time to clean it. Usually, certain signs can tell that the tank is due for a cleaning. For instance, sinks that drain slowly could be a reliable sign. Also, you know it's the right time to clean it when you notice unpleasant odors around your yard. Finally, contact an expert to clean your tank if it's overflowing or when you notice wastewater puddles in your yard.

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