Benefits Of Regular Septic Pumping

Pumping your septic tank prevents solid waste from accumulating in the tank over time. Below are specific benefits of regular tank pumping.

Prevent Pest Infestation

If you don't pump your septic system often enough, solid wastes might fill the tank and force further waste back into the house. The waste can attract pests into our house for two main reasons. First, the moisture will attract pests. Secondly, the organic wastes will also attract pests that feed on them.

Reduce Infection Risk

Septic wastes that back up into the house increase infection risk in several ways. For example, septic wastes contain dangerous microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, which can affect your household members exposed to the waste. In addition, the waste can trigger mold growth in the house, and some mold forms are poisonous. Pumping the tank reduces such risks.

Prevent Bad Odors in the House

When you pump the tank, you allow waste to flow freely from the house into the tank. That way, the wastes don't accumulate and decompose within your drain pipes. Wastes accumulating and decomposing within the pipes can fill your house with bad odors. Septic backup can also fill your house with bad odors.

Prevent Structural Damage

The water in septic waste that backs up into the house due to irregular pumping can cause structural damage. The main culprit is usually the flooring material, paint, and other house parts close to the floor. The fluids also encourage mold growth, and mold encourages rot. The damage risk is especially high for vacant houses with full septic tanks.

Prolong Septic System's Life

The septic system's lifespan depends on several factors. For example, the septic drain field should always be porous to allow liquid wastes to seep into the ground. That might not be the case if you don't pump the tank since solid wastes might escape and clog the drain field. The clogging can lead to drain field failure and necessitate the field's restoration or relocation.

Maintain Property Value

Pumping the septic tank can help you sell your house quickly and get a good price if you ever want to sell your house. Prospective buyers will inspect the septic system and review its maintenance history. Regular pumping, which should be part of the maintenance schedule, will boost your house's sales prospects.

Hopefully, you have been pumping your septic tank adequately. Contact a septic service like Hallstead Sanitary Service  if you haven't pumped your septic tank in a while. The contractor will assess the system, pump the tank, and advise you on a suitable pumping schedule.