3 Bathroom Considerations When Having An Outdoor Wedding

If you are having an outdoor wedding at a location that doesn't have any toilets accessible or if there are not enough toilets for your guests to use, you are going to need to rent portable restrooms for your wedding. Here are three things to consider as you decide what type of portable restrooms you want to rent. #1 Physical Needs Of Your Guests One of the first things that you need to take into consideration is the physical needs of your guests.

Your Septic System

A septic tank is usually a concrete or fiberglass box that acts as a wastewater and sewage disposal. The waste goes into the tank through pipes. The great thing about septic tanks is that they are self sustaining. They are usually able to break down all the wastewater that comes from the home. There are a few very important aspects to a septic system that need to be addressed. If you find that your system is not working properly you should not hesitate to call a septic specialist from a place like Ace Sanitation Service to come and look at the problem.

Three Things To Consider Before Adding In-Law Quarters To Your Home

If you're considering adding an in-law quarters addition to your home so that your parents, in-laws or even adult children can "move in" without completely invading your space, you're probably excited to get started. However, it's important not to get ahead of yourself when planning to add an in-law suite. To ensure you don't end up making costly (or simply annoying) mistakes, consider these factors before you start building that addition.