Discovering A Hidden Cesspool On Your Property And What To Do About It

The very word, "cesspool," drudges up disgusting images of waste and sheer filth. It turns people's stomachs just thinking about the word itself, and imagining what a cesspool looks like. That is why, when you discover a cesspool that has been hidden on your property for a while, you get really green around the gills. You have no idea why it is still there, and why someone would not have removed it years ago.

A Solar-Powered Toilet Unit Is Right For You

Whether you're planning an outdoor festival, or you need to set up bathroom facilities for a large construction site, a solar-powered toilet rental is a great option. Solar-powered systems are equipped with attached solar panels that capture and store energy from the sun's UV rays and then convert the energy into fuel to operate the toilet unit. If you're unfamiliar with this portable toilet option, learn about some benefits these units can extend.

Common Septic Tank Problems To Watch Out For

If your home has a septic system, you can rely on it for effective waste management as long as it remains in good condition. However, as a homeowner, it is very important to closely monitor your septic system, particularly the septic tank, closely so problems and issues can be discovered and repaired before you deal with a sewage backup or other unpleasant side effect. Luckily, septic tank problems are not super common in well-maintained units, especially newer septic tanks, but they can happen, so it is always good to pay attention and be able to recognize that something is wrong.